5 Lessons Building Marketing Strategies

5 Lessons Building Marketing Strategies For A Decade

Zynk30 has been creating marketing strategies for a minute now. Actually, it’s been about 6 million, 307 thousand, and 200 minutes – give or take.


Let me rephrase that:

12 years. We’ve been doing this for 12 years.

In the last 12 years, our strategy for building marketing plans for our clients has gone through many evolutions, tweaks, and changes.

We could probably write a whole book on everything we’ve learned – but for today, we’re just going to give you 5 lessons building marketing strategies that we’ve learned from a decade in the marketing game.

Every single one of these strategies is battle-tested, and we apply these methods to our client’s marketing projects every single day.


5 Lessons Building Marketing Strategies

Understand where your leads are coming from.

Without an understanding of your business’s current marketing situation, it’s going to be really challenging to build a sustainable and effective marketing plan.

Where do you get your current leads? Facebook? Google? Putting fliers up all over the neighborhood?

Whatever it is, you need to know. You need a data collection tool in your business that helps you to keep track of how your business is running.

Over the years the most important steps that we have taken with our clients have been the first ones, and the first step toward reaching your business goals starts with having the awareness of your current marketing situation.

Know your marketing growth goals.

When you start a new workout routine, the best way to make sure that you achieve your goals is to set specific ones.

You would say something like “I want to lose 10 pounds” or “I want to do 10 pull-ups”.

Your marketing approach should be the same.

“I want more customers” is not a goal, it’s the goal. In order to achieve the goal, we first must set and achieve dozens (if not more) smaller goals along the way.

Have trouble figuring out what those smaller goals are? This is a common problem, and we’re here to help make your marketing life easier. 

Establish a good target market.

No one’s target market is everyone.

Thinking of it a bit like dating. You don’t want to date everyone. You want to date people who are right for you.

The same is true for sales and marketing. You don’t want to sell to people who don’t care about your product. You don’t want to sell to people who don’t like you.

Building a marketing plan is about making yourself appeal not only to potential customers but also to the potential customers who are interested in buying your product.

That distinction was a key lesson for us over the years.

Create a sustainable process.

The most important aspect of a marketing effort isn’t just that it’s effective, but also that it’s sustainable. If you build this awesome marketing plan but don’t have the resources and the infrastructure to carry it out, you’re no better than a company without a plan.

That’s part of the benefit of working with a company like us.

We don’t just build marketing plans and hope they lead to sales for our customers. We build marketing plans by working with our clients.

Creating a good marketing plan is a collaborative process between you and us.

Find an effective way to track your progress.

This last step seems obvious, and maybe it is, but most companies don’t do it.

Most companies do not have a good way to track if their marketing plan is working well, and as a result, they struggle to make long-term progress.

A new marketing plan is not a quick fix, it’s a long-term project that takes time to complete and see results.

Marketing plans are not magic. They will not change your life overnight.

However, with a good marketing plan, a strong system for tracking progress, and a commitment to our processes, you’re going to see results. That’s how we’ve managed to keep this business going for the last 12 years.

Closing Thoughts

12 years is a really long time to do anything.

More than a decade on the job teaches you a few things, and we’re happy to share what we’ve learned. When it comes to building marketing plans and helping clients reach their goals, our experience and longevity speak longer than anything else.

These are just a few lessons that we’ve learned over the years that have helped us maintain longevity over that period.

Another thing that we do at Zynk30 to ensure that our commitment to marketing plans is going as well as it could is that we are always learning and always in motion. Marketing is always changing. 12 years ago when we first began selling marketing strategies, social media marketing was in its infancy. Now, it’s a crucial part of building a successful marketing presence.

Between learning, working, and testing ourselves, we’ve devised strategies that help businesses succeed in their marketing efforts, one day at a time.
To learn more about all of our marketing strategies in greater detail, get in touch with us at this link. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.