Zynk 30 Picture of and! Sales Showroom

and! Sales

and! Sales is a family run manufacturers sales representative business that started with a name, some big personalities and big ideas to match. The first critical decision was to ditch the industry marketing playbook. Repping manufacturers, that is taking products from manufacturers and selling it to independent retailers. With the trust of our client, we broke the mold at every opportunity.

First, we started out with comprehensive 12-month marketing plan including monthly meetings to assess the previous month’s efforts and prepare for the next one. This kind of planning ahead gets information to the customers before they even know they need it. The response was enthusiastically positive.

We understood that their was a dual customer base – the manufacturers whose lines they represent and the retailers who buy the lines – as 2 very distinct customers, and created tiered vendor packages with different levels of marketing.

For their branding, we created a logo as bold and attention-getting as the founder, which in itself was an announcement that this is definitely not business as usual. We followed up with cards, brochures, sales materials, a new website.

Thinking about customer engagement, we personalized email content. Instead of sending out a one-size-fits-all email blast, we developed a program that would customize the content of each email depending upon the location of the recipient. So an email sent to a customer in Chicago would feature photos of products imprinted with Visit Chicago. The results of this campaign were 15% above industry standards. We were off and running!

When we put those strategies together, it yielded huge results: their original 14 lines has grown to 40, they’ve tripled their showroom space in 8 years, and are now a $5million company. and! Sales has been a great client and partner, allowing us to constantly innovate, take risks, try new things, and make them better and we are still looking at bigger things in the future.

“Zynk 30 has been overall great to work with over the past 8 years! We have used them for everything from graphics for print to website development and regular updates and consistent marketing strategy development and upkeep.”
Nicholas A. Vafakas
and! Sales
Marketing Director