How to Run a Social Media Campaign That Doesn’t Suck

Across all of the social media platforms online, there are more than 4.5 billion users. There are also more the 50 million business pages on social media.

To put it lightly, everyone is on social media.

Okay, since the world’s population is around 8 billion, half of everyone is on social media.

That’s a fact.

Because of this, every view, click, and like on social media is earned. To the inexperienced outsider, it might seem like social media is “too saturated” to help a business grow.

“Seem” is an important word here.

The truth is, you can win on social media, and it’s not as hard as you might think. Think of social media as a game, and attention is the goal. By capturing attention, you’ll win the ultimate prize – customers and sales.

Here are just a few principles that we use to help our clients run smooth and effective social media campaigns:

  • Posting appropriate content at the appropriate frequency
  • Telling a story through social media
  • Platform diversification
  • Being patient and consistent
  • Running paid ads

Let’s dive in!

Your content needs to be relevant and frequent. “Too frequent” does exist, as well.

When you’re posting on social media through your business page, it’s important to share evergreen content (content that can be run any time of the year), but it’s also important to share posts that are relevant to your audience at the correct frequency.

We recommend trying to post between 3-5 days per week at first. This is manageable and scalable. As your audience grows, you can increase the frequency. You’ll have more to say.

Are you running a Christmas special? Going to a special event? The content on your social media page needs to be relevant. We’ll talk in a bit about telling a story through social media, but let’s talk first about relevancy.

If you’re a trucking company, posting about ice cream cones is not a great strategy.

You might laugh, but this actually does happen. You need content that’s related to you and your business on your business page.

Save the ice cream cones for your personal account – after hours.

Social media is a storytelling first experience.

Creating content that informs people about your services is awesome, but after a while, it gets dry.

Back to the trucking company example – there are a lot of trucking companies out there. They all offer services. They all offer shipping services.

What makes you stand out isn’t just your quality services, it’s also who you are.

Most people will read this and understand it, but most people won’t put this advice into practice. They’ll say “we don’t have enough content”.

That’s where they’re wrong. You are the content.

You don’t need to be everywhere, but being in more than one place is good.

If you run an IT company, you might not need to be on TikTok tomorrow. However, LinkedIn, Facebook, and even Twitter might be great platforms for you.

If you run a small family-owned restaurant, you don’t need to spend time using Reddit to grow your brand.

Part of this is common sense but part of it comes from knowing the platforms that you’re using and knowing yourself. You will enjoy using some platforms more than others, and you’ll probably perform better on the platforms you like.

You can also outsource your social media effort to a marketing agency (like us). You want your account managed by someone who cares and knows what they’re doing.

You have to be patient.

Here’s a bit of a personal story that will show you the power of being consistent on social media platforms.

About 3 months ago, I started writing on a website called Quora. If you’ve ever typed any question into Google, you’ve probably heard of it.

I published a post on Quora every single day. Most of my posts got fewer than 50 views.

Then, one day, I went viral

I went from getting less than 50 views per post to more than 70 thousand. Suddenly, I had a bit of an audience, and all of my content was getting more views.

When we work with your brand at Zynk30, we take a similar approach. We post content as often as you’d like, and you’ll see the benefits in the long run.

Before you know it, you’ll have an audience too.

You can also try paid ads.

Running paid ads on social media isn’t a requirement, but it really helps you get started as a business.

See, the problem with a lot of the social media platforms today is that organic reach isn’t what it once was. Organic reach isn’t dead, but it might be terminally ill.

As marketers, we can’t just sit around and complain about this. We have to look for a solution. Really, at the end of the day, marketing is just the process of learning to find solutions to the problem of “how to sell”.

Paid ads are a great solution to the dying organic reach problem.

While paid ads might feel like cheating (they’re not) or a bad investment, paid ads are really one of the best ways that businesses can gain guaranteed exposure on social media.

Time is money, and you don’t always have time to wait months and months to build your audience (like I’ve done).

Closing thoughts

Social media is really tough to break through on it.

At Zynk30, we’ve got a team of experienced writers and marketers who have spent years studying and analyzing the best ways to make your brand pop on digital platforms.

In other words, we’re the pros.

Don’t let your marketing effort be a half-hearted, one-person effort. Outsource marketing (specifically social media) and watch your brand grow to heights that you never knew were possible.

Your brand is great, you might just need a little bit of help getting everyone else to find you.