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Richard Bennett


When Albert, the owner of Richard Bennett Custom Tailors called, he knew exactly what he wanted – to create a direct mail piece to reach a younger clientele that wouldn’t flinch at the price tag on his custom suits. Albert is a very hands-on owner and wanted to be involved in every step of the process. That first encounter symbolized everything that came after. Whereas Albert wanted a strictly print campaign, something the customer could touch, we knew we also needed a different kind of touch — a digital one. And a unique marriage of the two was born.
First, we gave Albert the collateral material of his dreams beginning with his logo. We framed the RB within a diamond and instantly created an icon. Then we updated the cards Albert had been handing out for decades, choosing instead a thick 19 point stock appropriately called “silk”, an elegant traditional front side, and a backside with the logo in gold foil overlaid on a watermark stamp. With the greatest economy, the card confidently brands Richard Bennett Custom Tailors as a luxury brand, a place with outstanding customer service, and the only place for, say, a guy who drives a Bentley to shop.
Our next step was to adapt that brand to Albert’s direct mail piece. Direct mail is a notoriously low performing marketing tactic, with less than 1% return. But what if we produced the ‘Bentley’ of direct mail pieces and gave it a digital twist? Since the office of someone of custom suit stature inevitably has a gatekeeper, we knew we’d have to do something that simply cannot be ignored. The solution was to make the brochure an event: an oversized gold envelope with a label that wraps around it to seal it because who can resist a seal? Inside: a green linen cover with gold embossed foil stamp opens up to reveal a personalized letter from the owner and the brochure. The brochure, which gate folds out explaining every step in the process of the creation of your custom made garment, also holds a web key, in other words, a paper USB drive. Plug it in, and you’re taken directly to a landing page designed specifically for that promotion with an irresistible introductory video. It worked. As it turns out, when old school meets new school in a unique and high-end way, the return is an astounding 8%!
“Timely, helpful and professional service and work product – they always go above and beyond the minimum and make sure the project done right and completely. recommend highly.”

Albert Carrol

Richard Bennett Custom Tailors