The Roscoe Company

Zynk30 The Roscoe Company

The Roscoe Company is a third-generation owned industrial laundering company. They supply uniforms and floor mats to manufacturing companies. They clean and return the uniforms and floor mats on a weekly basis. The Roscoe Company had been running a special 6 week inside sales campaign for years. In recent years the campaign had become stagnant and was not seeing the growth it once had.

The Roscoe company approach Zynk30 to manage the inside sales campaign. We managed the inside sales campaign over a six week period of active sales. There was a 4-week planning process leading up to the sales campaign and a week of post-campaign wrap-up. In that planning process, Zynk30 created and implemented a new process for tracking and reporting sales and inventory. This process was completely computerized eliminating an old paper system. This new process also Eliminated 80 man-hours.

For the campaign itself, Zynk30 prepared all sales material. This included the specific campaign message for current clients and ensuring that it aligns with brand messaging and value proposition. We also were insight, helping manage the day to day activities and overseeing the sales staff.


  • $650K net increase in revenue in 6 weeks
  • Eliminated 80 man-hours from payroll through automation and efficiency